Friday, November 16, 2001

I just found out Mark's car got broken into. It reminds me of last year when I lived in the dorms, and I came back from Spring break a day or two early, to find everything trashed and thrown around. It's not a good feeling, its a feeling of violation. I know how Mark feels, and I feel bad for him. He's lucky though, he has someone close to help him get through these tough times.

For me, it wasn't the same. Everyone I told thought I was lying. Nothing felt good for the longest time. Chris brought me to taco bell...that was it. No one really asked or cared. But I got over it on my own.

So, what I wanted to write in this entry was what Mark said, its not the material things that matter, its how someone makes you feel that is important. The way someone makes you feel, should tell you what type of friend or person they are.

Goodnight/morning. It's time to fall asleep and dream of something pleasant.
I went on a drive. I did some thinking. I came up with some stuff. I am going to try to read now.